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Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 19:48:49 +1300

Adam Betteridge:

>What can anyone tell me about Pithdaros? I have some ideas of what it
>may be like but unsure.

Pithdaros was settled by migrating Agimori early during the second age. They travelled from the Pamaltelan Plains via magical methods (involving boats) to fight the Bad God that caused the Sunstop. Although this was obviously a reference to Nysalor, Good King Ulmal of Seshnela persuaded them that the Bad God was Arkat, worshipped by his enemy, the Stygian Autarchy.

The Pithdarans fought the Stygians bravely until one day, they discovered the truth - that the Bad God was long since dead and they were eleven generations too late. They seized the land of Pithdaros and vowed to wait until the return of the Bad God.

Over the centuries, the Pithdarans have become Malkioni although some traces of their old ways might remain. Their Count is said to have magic that everybody fears. They are part of the Quinpolic League and notorious for never being on time.

--Peter Metcalfe

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