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Warren :

> > But do the events have any specific order?
> Yes.
> I am re-reading sections of HQ. I guess my confusion
> was that the events of the Gods War will "play out"
> each time the myth is visited by questers.

Oh, right.

The Hero Planes actually exist outside Time, so that Heroes from different periods of history will all revisit the same "places" and "events" in the Hero Planes.

HOWEVER, a mortal Hero can make a permanent change in the Hero Planes (difficult though this may be), which raises several confusing questions : if you change an event in the Gods War, do HeroQuestors from the past partake in the new version or not ?

Luckily, in game terms this is a non-problem. YGWV.


Don't worry about it, the answer to the question involves convuluted philosophical pro et contras in the comparison between RW time (game time) and Gloranthan time (including the possibility for flashbacks in a HeroQuest game). Such worries will add precious little to your enjoyment of HQ and Glorantha.

The important thing is how these otherworld journies contribute to the stories of the player Heroes, and their supporters' lives.

> > Someone has also mentioned that Gods can manifest in
> many locations at the > same time.
> Greg. Yeah, these manifestations are derived from
> their otherworldly natures. Wrong list, again.

Similarly, they exist outside Time. They are not bound by its limitations (hence can multi-locate), nor are they endowed by its benefits (hence they cannot - normally - act within Time without the worship and magic of a mortal).

> > Arroin is an Orlanthi hero/god.
> >Not according to the GLs. He, like his mother,
> transcends the usual cultural barriers. Properly, he
> belongs to the Gloranthan Court pantheon.
> Oops. Are we a God Learn'in or ain't we? ;-)


> Isn't Arroin's myths part of the Orlanthi fabric by
> virtue of Orlanthi worship of CA?

Yes, but he's still (IMO) not part of the Storm Tribe per se. His pacifism is 100% incompatible with Orlanthi ideals IMO.

Arroin's myths are part of the Gloranthan Court myth cycle, IMO, and are therefore far closer to universality than most entities'. (Speculation, BTW)

IMO there's a mystery about Arroin.

In the current cosmology, those of the original single nature entities survived by becoming gods, or spirits, or essences (with a couple of blatant exceptions).

Arroin OTOH survives, but provides no magic whatsoever.

Food for thought, but I can't pretend to have a real answer for you.

> Don't they know
> some of his myth's ? (I am not in arguing mode; just
> digging for ideas)

Oh yes, they do !

> Do you think that Arroin is part of the Aldryami myths ?

Yes, I do, but they call him Eron, and as AFAIK Eron provides (some) magic.

No big deal : it's natural that Arroin would have subcults and cognates, and not surprising if some (or even just one) of these provided magic.

The surprising thing is Arroin's survival as an otherworld entity despite the destruction of his own proprietary magic.

> >I once suggested that Arroin is currently
> HeroQuesting in the Green Age, and that if you can
> reach him there, you can reach his magic. Not quite
> true, IMO, but the general suggestion might be helpful
> ...
> OK, now I am getting confused. Is he a God ? Can gods
> HeroQuest ? (This is probably way more than I need to
> know.)


Very, very, very few of them can. Think "a handful or less" and you'll get the general idea, given that there are gazillions of Gloranthan otherworld entities.

Some exceptions : Some Superheroes are living beings who are worshipped as gods ; gods who can heroquest.




Sheng Seleris.




OK, so more than a handful ... ;-)

> > Do you mean a healer as part of the player character
> group or a > healer as part of the quest group in the
> myth. Arroin is my idea of > the healer.
> >Unless you cheat, Arroini are very, very difficult to
> play.
> >Their pacifism would prevent them joining any Hero
> Band. They are _completely_ passive/peaceful IMO.
> Fair enough. If the aldryami have myths about Arroin
> and King Elf, what do you think about an elf (not a
> PC) taking the role of King High Elf and a player
> taking the role of his companion Arroin for a HQ.
> (the player isn't Arroini). There seem to be a number
> of stories about Arroin indiscriminately healing
> "stuff".

No problemo. That's a story, not Gloranthan cosmology. :-)

Rorymantra : "Go with the story . a - u - m - - ... " :-)

Anyways, if you're setting up your Glorantha's Arroin as being intimately connected with the aldryami, then you're exploring the Eron mythology, not Arroin per se. Eron IMG provides magic (or "magic" ; sometimes with the elves it's hard to know). They know him as the "healing waters", which should be IMO linked with sap, springs, rivers, dew, and rain. Some herbs, flowers, fruit 'n' veg, and other plants are particularly adept at collecting these healing forces, and can transmit them to the sick and wounded.

From an aldryami POV, this is magic. From a GL POV, it's not from an otherworld, and is therefore mundane.

The Orlanthi POV ?
"Who cares ? It works !"

Julian Lord

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