[Glorantha]Help! Clarification Sought

From: Jonathan Quaife <jonathan.quaife_at_majotech.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 09:59:47 -0000

Ladies and Gents

I would be really appreciative for any help on the following:

First off, can somebody explain how the Volsaxi thing all comes about? KoS p.196 talks about the Volsaxi tribe 'beginning' during Tarkalor's reign.

Second. Can anybody add to the Tarkalor materials presented in KoS, particularly with regard to the Kitori? What is known generally about the Kitori? I'm aware that Robin Laws is working on a Tarkalor project but have the impression that as yet this does not touch upon the Kitori or Elmal/ Yelmalio schism.

And finally, there are many references in Dragon Pass, Land of Thunder, to myths about deities and heroes such as Quivin and his sons, Destor contra Lant Ulfar, and so on. Has anybody compiled these anywhere... or does anybody out there have the materials to do so???? If so, this would be super-useful!

With many thanks,



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