[Glorantha]Changing the heroplane (and a bit on immortality)

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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 18:33:35 +0200 (EET)

> From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>

> The Hero Planes actually exist outside Time, so that
> Heroes from different periods of history will all revisit
> the same "places" and "events" in the Hero Planes.
> HOWEVER, a mortal Hero can make a permanent change
> in the Hero Planes (difficult though this may be), which raises
> several confusing questions : if you change an event in
> the Gods War, do HeroQuestors from the past partake
> in the new version or not ?

I've always thought that on a lesser level the quester changes the myth (and thus reality) for himself. A Yelmalian who defeats Zorak Zoran on the Hill of Gold has changed the myth for himself. In his personal reality Yelmalio didn't lose his fire powers. This doesn't mean that it's true for anybody else.

On a more powerful (and more communally driven) quest the reality can change for the whole temple. So in a given Sundome temple the myth may be different, and Yelmalio can still be a god of fire.

There is a huge resistance against the spesific example above. There is a great weight of mythical reality that says Yelmalio loses and is the cold God of the Wintersun. Also, things always have consequenses. The Yelmalio temple that proved different, would propably lose the connections of Yelmalio as a god of persevearence and dauntless courage. The central myth of Yelmalio's suffering would be missing. The overall magical strength of the temple would propably drastically diminish, since they would be out of line with most of the gods myths. They would have fire though, but propably just the one affinity dealing with fire.

A powerful heroquester can in theory save the life of Grandfather Mortal. This primal myth has an incredible resistance to change. It would be easier to change a small detail of it, but challenging the very fact of human mortality would have the weight of the world behind it.

Nevertheless, if it would be done, then that particular quester, again, would be immortal.

Something like this actually has to be pretty common. Immortality and unagingness seems to be the most common mark of a Hero in Glorantha. Parhaps Greg or some other luminary would enlighten us on what is needed to achieve this?


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