Re: [Glorantha]Re: When is a Hero ready (was: mechanics of myth)?

From: Graham Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:31:41 +0000

>No time travel is required.
>Again, no time travel is required.
>Looks like time travel!

You're reading far too much into my words. I don't believe that heroquesting involves time travel. The only statement I've made is that the heroplane (being outside time) allows a quester from the present to interact with questers from the past or (potential) future. Time travel (in any Ray Bradbury kind of sense) not at all intended.

>I think most entities in the otherworld represent somethign in the
>material world (or vice versa), but an object in the mundane world
>might be a personalised entity in the otherworld, or vice versa.
>There may be some otherworld entities with tenuous, or indirect
>connections to the material world.

I'd agree with that.


Graham Robinson

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