Re: [Glorantha]Havar Ironfist

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 13:32:48 +1100

>Havar Ironfist does not seem to be an entirely nice man.

>He's certainly brutal in trying to keep power, and a bit of an
>opportunist. But is he a moral man?

He's a very nice chappy. He's brought autonomy and freedom to the Far Place in an extraordinarily short space of time. Alda Chur is **extremely** prosperous, and its splendid barbarian traditions shine side by side with the most cosmopolitan offerings of Empire. The altars of Yelmalio burn grain night and day. He has freed our land from the ambitions of the Tarshite kings who have plagued us for centuries, and from the inept interference of Sartarite warlords.

What's that you say? The highlands? Scapegoating of Elmali? Abandoning the traditions of our ancestors? Persecutions of Orlanthi clans? The Burning of Alone? Civil war and massacres? Gargarthi mercenaries? Free reign given to Lunar irregulars? Kowtowing to Inperial interests? Political suppression even of rival Yelmalian factions? Neo-Yelmic snobbery? Persistent rumours linking him to the terror of the Bigger Wind?

I say, you're not an Orlanthi are you? Traitor! You stay right there, I'm calling the Guardians of Order...



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