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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 03:50:44 +0900

Below is excerpt from my personal post to Efendi and editors of Zin Letter in Suomi:

To Efendi:
I managed to make the map of Kralorela with Chinese Characters, with help of IBM Homepage Builder, Webart Designer soft. I want to express my gratitude for you have helped greatly with your linguistical knowledge and especially with your ability on modern Beijing Dialect, though I am not sure friends of Suomi love it or not, (for Kralori are not Chinese, so their characters are not chinese character, even if it might be similar to it)

http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/KralorelaNameTablesbyChineseCharacter-j.htm (To friends of Suomi: sorry, this is only written in Japanese, please watch only maps if you can't read explanations and comments.)

To Olli Kantola:
This is an attempt to make rough guideline, not want to make canon. As RW gamers of Europe and America prefer to write down "Snakepipe Hollow" rather than to do more strictly attached to true Sartar language, "Ginijji", (for phonogram people, pronunciation is far more important than the shape and form of characters) that is our feeling and attachment to our traditional way of record keeping. In RW, still many Chinese taoists believe Written Language holds magical power and don't drop or fling [written paper] clumsily, [burn papers if they finish to use.]

If Kralori characters derived from some kind of runes as I supposed (for I think rune is a sort of pictograph or familiar with it rather than alphabetic phonograph), perhaps it might similar to the relation between Ancient Egyptian Demotic and Hieroglyph. Before First Emperor forcefully unified all of Chinese Characters in Qin Dynasty, each of independent states used different characters. If I have chance, I want to convert the map into the realm of more epigraphy.

If I have chance, I want to draw about the capital of Kralorela, Chi Tin with quite different approach, please see panoramic 3D mandala of

Karlachakra Tantra....

Sample vague plot is like.....(though I have only still very rough image...) <<Now, Godunya waits and begins final transformation in the cocoon made by silkworms of friendship, many of his disciples has argued about the interpretation of latest August's prophesy and addresses of Yellow Emperor, while mandarins overlook the mundane affair, war generals, remnant of alchemists and eunuchs united and intrigue to find new Emperor by themselves while Orthodxy Dragon Circle concentrate on the making of new Mandala.... many nationalists and good-will low mandarins see this bad omen, and try to find the way to avoid forthcoming civil war.....>>

To Matti Jarvinen: (Sorry, I am not sure how I am rude when I shamelessly spell your name without umlaut)
I hope you don't feel difficult on I used your Kralori Map for my project, about Zin Letters, certainly in Genertela Box, many names are similar to modern Beijing Dialect. (But it seems that Greg changed his mind for I see many non-chinese like terms (TarnGatHa, Seralaloon, etc...)) in Revealed Mythologies after the Avalonhill Box. Maybe it is from Tibetan Language according to Alex Ferguson's assumption? I am not sure. Sincerely:

Secret of Chi Tin
Godunya is now ready on the final transformation inside of Cosmic Chamber (Great Mandala of Karlachakra?). Emperor is not merely a political machine but a vessel of power for Kralori to achieve the Absolute in Kralorela.

That is no simple task....for he tries to recover Lost Seven Provinces linked by Bridges, his task turned into more difficult, for his connection to Sky Energy, his skin color turned into Golden, the watery realm will be Earthly if he succeeds.

The ritual of Bodhisattva is an attempt to the souls / spirits / essences of Summerland Heaven into Dragon, in each of end of Kralori Emperor's reign has been enacted such ritual, but the procedure is replaced / lost / perversed by the characteristics of emperors and outsider invasion. It must be enacted to balance Three Worlds Magic (as in Middle World) even though each of potential potency and unified as whole to open the way to Mystical Draconic World.

That of Daruda was most orthodox, but now lost. (Animistic Procedure?)

That of Thalurzni was Sorcerous, Materialistic but his famous Furnace properly balanced Three Potentials, but he failed to make whole of Empire into Ascension by Alchemical Transformation. (Its method enlarged the diversity of each of provinces?) Eunuchs later misapplied Orgiastic Flavor to his teaching as in Tibetan Tantric Source?

That of Mikaday turned into "Traditional" Form (Chinese Style? Enacting Ritual of Sky and Earth? by First Emperor? in the mountain of Tai.) In Confucianism Style, mandarins administrated ritual? But Dragonsons also took a role. (More Diversity for he didn't show concern to unity.)

Vayobi drowned to Suam Chow and didn't do the ritual properly, but Thrunhin Dah did substitutional role. And he demanded earth into Water....(Materialistic
Unity, but not in spiritually)

Vashanti returned to more traditional form. And most mandarins see his ritual of Web of Righteousness is best to avoid contamination of Outside World and keep tradition of Ancient Dragon.

Yanoor had barbarian influence and did the ritual improperly over hill, pagan style of Shavaya, before Daruda over Hill. (For Kralori don't revere Mountain as RW Chinese?) Much Outlandish Influence? (For inbalance, many Kralori improperly self-sacrificing in final transformation for their poor attempt to make balance of Three?)

Shang Hsa EWF and Godlearner Influence, again Sorcerous? But he didn't make effort to ascend. Draconic Shudder and War in Heaven indicated their failing to unify Sky and Earth.

Godunya is an incarnate of mercy. [Avalokiteshvara?] And his first seclusion in the city of Hsin Yin as merely a cobbler and second in Plateau of Statue doesn't indicate only his humility but his attempt to test kralori mandarins whether ready to recover the Good Old Ancient.

Sheng Seleris.....Tibetan Tantric Influence along with Sakya Sect in Mongolian Empire of RW.

Godunya Again. His seven bridges.

Six Chakras?: Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought, Spirit

What Will occur if the ritual fail?
*Godunya goes to mad and begins to eat eunuchs and mandarins. By literally
transforming into scaled gigantic lizard but completely crazed.
*Palace turns into Ground Zero and destroys whole in Atomic Bomb manner.
*As in Yanoor's fail, ghost began to stalk the world and life turned death /
vice versa.

What Will occur if the ritual succeed?
*Suam Chow recedes and Ancient Lost Provinces appear along with Ancient
Strange Fauna and Flora.
*(By Sacrificing all of outside world (hurrah :-)) ), Kralorela finally
resplendent with Ancient Glory.
*People comes to mad as dragonewts, but quite happy state of beings.


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