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Hello, Oliver:

I think Plagiarism is serious crime for real creators but essential factor for Gloranthan hero questors, and you host many such stories to be banned for plagiarism. :-) (See Matti's Chief's Daughter and the Frog http://www.kalikos.org/tarinat/helmikuu2004.php?lang=en) To offend such Gloranthan Nature, I also wrote down such another story.


<<Inspired by, of course "the Puss in Boots" of Charles Perrault, I suppose the folktale of Mr. and Mrs. Paddyworker (Rice Farmer) in Anaxial Roster (p.39-40) might be same personalities in Dara Happan Sky for this common crop. See Mr. and Mrs. Hardworking Paddyworker in this table: http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/NamesofHB-e.htm >>



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