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From: TERRA INCOGNITA <inarsus-ferilt-z_at_mrg.biglobe.ne.jp>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 03:53:45 +0900

Excerpt from Greg's Glorantha Lore Auctio in "Proceedings in Malkionism", p.45:
<<I love the guy who thought the one up. <snip> Ruby Kraft sent all of these
names, and a lot of them were just crappy puns. Gonn Orta [gone out of] the mountains. That's where the name came from. >>

Gon Orta = Gone Out Of (Mountain).
Nochet = Not yet
Lur Nop <-Lop Nur

But Matthew Cole's assumption stunned me:
<<I used to know a number of players who were Adepts in the Way of Chi
Tin; they all thought it was a secret too but they'll all die with worn off corners!>>

Chi Tin <-Cheating (Matthew Cole)

If this is true and also from Ruby Kraft, I am quite in antimony feeling between rage and laughing to his naming. Is there any collections for such Glorantha Puns? and Etymology?



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