[Glorantha]Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_nildram.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 15:00:44 +0000

On the Whitewall list, Jane Williams wrote: ...
> Sounds like we're back to analysis of the reliability
> of the various bits of KoS as a source, and some of
> you may wish to run for cover :(
> CHDP, KoS p 148.
> "At Whitewall the comander ordered the Crimson Bat to
> assault the city and exterminate the defenders, who he
> called "the last Orlanthi". Astonishingly, the bat was
> repelled, though at great cost to the defenders."
> Yes, it's CHDP again and our old friend Denseros the
> Unbiased.
> But in this case I honestly don't see how his biases
> would have altered his presentation of events. He
> always makes Argrath look good: but he wasn't there.
> He plays down Kallyr: no mention of her. He's usually
> pro-Fazzur: this may lead to him making Tatius and/or
> Jorkandros look bad in conparison to Fazzur, but not
> by much.

To which Nick Brooke replied:
> Yeah, but he *knows* that Kallyr was present when Heroic Deeds Were
> Done at Whitewall; and that Argrath wasn't. So, by downplaying what
> happened at Whitewall, and by not mentioning that Kallyr was there,
> he scores a double whammy on my cynicometer.
> If he's writing CHDP in the late 1630s, the Bat has been back in
> circulation for a decade or more (using that "3-7 years" figure
> people have been bandying about). So he may well see the "death" as
> less permanent or significant than it looks to us at the time. *And*
> he wants to downplay it.
> Besides, does he even mention that *Orlanth* was Dead, albeit
> briefly? With omissions like that, who'll notice the Bat?

My memory must be playing tricks on me, but has anybody tried retreofittinh Orlanth and Dead and Fimbulwinter into the KoS narrative? That is, has anybody suggested (to us, post hoc) explanations for their conspicuous absence in KoS? Broyan and Kallyr are important at the Battle of Iceland, and Argrath is absent, so omitting the battle is understandable, but a bit more is necessary.

Perhaps Argrath very publicly threw in his support with the Lunars during Fimbulwinter, and Denseros thought best to miss out the entire thing?

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