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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 07:43:47 EST

Hello friends=20

Tradetalk # 14 - "Outside Genertela: The Southern Continent" is in layout,=20 and should be published in April.=20

We plan to collect articles for (and edit) two isues parallel. We are not=20 sure which one will be published first, ... :-)

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS! Tradetalk # X - Heroes, Herobands & Cults

Do you have a description of an intersting hero or a narrator character?=20
(both are acceptable: plain descrition with stats or Leader Sheet Format)

Wrote up a heroband that is way to good to end up just for your gaming group= ?
(it doesn=B4t matter if it is a group you are able to join, which you can on=
meet or if it can be used as enemy band)

Created an writeup of a cult, or added a new subcult or herocult that is so=20 cool that you would like to share it?
(again: it doesn=B4t matter if it is a cult for your heroes to join, or a cu=
to fight against)

Things to note:=20

Everything should be usable in the settings of Dragon Pass and environs=20
(southern Lunar Empire, Prax or Holy Country)!

Before you contribute it to Tradetalk consider the possibility to send it to= =20
Issaries Inc.=20

Tradetalk # Y - The noncivilised West

Do you have a description of a county, city, region or religion outside the=20 standart malkioni parts of Fronela, Ralios and Seshnela?

Wrote up a heroband or Narrator Character for use in the west, without being= =20
(Player characters can be interestring too)

A western myth or story you want to share?

What about ideas for Heortling or Lunar characters in the west?


Please also consider the possibility to contribte it to Issaries Inc. first.= =20

If you want to contribute something, please contact me ASAP.=20



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