Re: [Glorantha]Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Paul Andrew King <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 17:27:51 +0000

>My memory must be playing tricks on me, but has anybody tried
>retreofittinh Orlanth and Dead and Fimbulwinter into the KoS
>narrative? That is, has anybody suggested (to us, post hoc)
>explanations for their conspicuous absence in KoS? Broyan and Kallyr
>are important at the Battle of Iceland, and Argrath is absent, so
>omitting the battle is understandable, but a bit more is necessary.

>Perhaps Argrath very publicly threw in his support with the Lunars
>during Fimbulwinter, and Denseros thought best to miss out the
>entire thing?

Orlanth's death is in the Annotated Argeth's Saga and the end is attributed to the Battle of Milran - with Argrath, Broyan and Harrek present (p22). The Saga also attributes the Dragonrise to Argath (p24) so it may be another example of pro-Argrath bias. I would say that Argrath - at least the Argrath that the stories are following - is with the Wolf Pirates or fighting in Kethaela and Heortland during the Fimbulwinter up to the Battle of Iceland which must be about the same time as Milran.

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