Re: [Glorantha]Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:02:07 +0000 (GMT)

> My memory must be playing tricks on me, but has
> anybody tried
> retreofittinh Orlanth and Dead and Fimbulwinter into
> the KoS narrative?
> That is, has anybody suggested (to us, post hoc)
> explanations for their
> conspicuous absence in KoS?

I've never seen any such attempt. Personally I've never ever considered it as a possibility: and seen it as being very much the responsibility of Issaries to explain their introduction of such a major change into known history. Which, of course, they haven't bothered to do.

Still, if anyone other than me had said it was impossible to reconcile two widely divergent sources, I'd have felt obliged to prove otherwise. Let me think about it. It won't be for a few days, as I have a college assignment to hand in on Wednesday, but I'll give it a go.

> Broyan and Kallyr are important at the
> Battle of Iceland, and Argrath is absent, so
> omitting the battle is
> understandable, but a bit more is necessary.

Wrecking the weather and magic system as far afield as Pavis? Yes. To put it mildly.

> Perhaps Argrath very publicly threw in his support
> with the Lunars during Fimbulwinter,

Depends on which Argrath you think we're dealing with (as always!) but I believe by this time Garrath has left on the Cradle, and has not yet returned.

> and Denseros thought best to miss out the entire

I think we can assume Denseros noticed it. Either he missed it out, or it's there, but "disguised". I think it's the latter, and am very tempted to start the search for hints and reasons why he hid it, but sadly I really must do my assignment work *first*.

Important question for the list: OID has a Lunar general "Tashkeveth" in command at Iceland. Who is this guy, and how does he get on with other Lunars in general and Fazzur in particular?

Jane Williams                                   

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