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Forwarding as promised. The second half of the message is probably of interest only to WhiteWall developers, but included for completeness

Good point. KoS presents this as being in 1625 or 26. But that's Denseros again :(
I'd always assumed what was being mis-represented here was the idea that it had failed: that in fact she'd been trying to bring back the spirit of Sartar so as to relight the Flame, and had in fact succeeded. (Injured, yes, high casualties, yes, but succeeded.)

But if in fact this whole thing was back in Iceland, it makes a lot more sense. No date is given in KoS. Let me quote, since I've got electronic copy anyway.

"Kallyr was encouraged to attempt bold and dramatic efforts to keep her people free of Lunar domination again. She chose to attempt the Short Lightbringers' Pilgrimage, a
complicated ritual which usually brought new life and health to everyone participating. It was also called the Stationary Lightbringers' Quest, and required 14 days to complete. No one had tried this since 1602, but no one suspected it could fail as it did. In the Conflict Phase, when normally a polluted icon is destroyed, a blindingly armed Lunar warrior appeared, half-way through her own sword-dance. The enemy was eventually killed, and the ceremony was finally finished, but the damage was done: many of Kallyr's household were killed, she was wounded, and the effects of the spell were spoiled."

I think you'll find the Conflict Phase is near the end. I'd always assumed the sword-dancer was Jareel, but some lesser Lunar makes more sense, especially if we're moving it several years earlier.

> OiD: Kallyr arrives at the scene of the battle of
> Iceland, frozen in
> a block of ice with a (womans?) boot embedded in her
> side.

Yep. Voria turns up at the same time.

> OiD/BA: Isn't one of the Lunars women detailed in BA
> or OiD
> described to be Kallyr's HQ enemy though both of
> them are only begining to suspect it.

OiD p 30: Harthdaran Thunderhunter, who leads a band called the Silver Spears.
No gender specifed, and that name looks male to me?

> If this is true, then it would be unlikely that
> Kallyr is leading an LBQ at Whitewall.

I hadn't realised anyone had suggested that she was. During Iceland, yes, but not before.

> For that matter, given the greater mythic cycles
> that major events & sequences echo, it would make it
> likely that a
> different and "earlier" myth of Orlanth and his
> enemies is being enacted at Whitewall.

And the "Orlanth is outlawed, then Vingkot sacrifices to get him back" one seems to fit nicely, doesn't it?

> And as these things go, we should be looking for
> someone to act as a
> Hantrafal figure to teach Vingkot how to sacrifice
> to Orlanth. I
> would suggest an Issaries or Lankhor Mhy would be
> most appropriate

Minaryth Purple is the obvious answer, but we do seem to have an Issaries-shaped gap in our characters so far.

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