Re: [Glorantha]Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Moah, platypus powaaa! <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 15:13:03 +0100

Jane Williams wrote:

> And due to email delays, we're now cross-posting. I'd
> already mentioned Chrles post on the WW list here, but
> without repeating it. My answer to it is on the WW
> list (or will be soon). I'd suggest we keep discussion
> to one list or the other, since membership overlap is
> less than 100%.

Membership overlap may be 100% but i gave up on following whitewall after I realized i wasn't catching up anything while still spending my full afternoon reading the hundreds of mail of the ML, due to mails coming in faster than i could read.

However, i can easily follow the 2 emails a day coming on *this* list.

Moah, platypus powaaa!

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