Re: [Glorantha]Comparative list dynamics

From: Paul Andrew King <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 07:50:56 +0000

>Archives say that since 1st March, the Glorantha list
>has generated 67 messages. The WW list was founded on
>3rd March. It now contains 1460 messages. No, that is
>not a typo. Four digits. Eek!
I thought about subscribing to the Whitewall list early on - and then I checked the archive pages and saw that it was generating around 100 messages a day. So it's slowed down since the initial rush,

"The T'ang emperors were strong believers in the pills of 
immortality.  More emperors died of poisoning from ingesting minerals 
in the T'ang than in any other dynasty" - Eva Wong _The Shambhala 
Guide to Taoism_

Paul K.

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