Re: [Glorantha]Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 19:37:34 +0000 (GMT)

> The CHDP was probably presented to Argrath on his
> marriage to The Queen
> of Holay (KoS pg 8, 31). Perhaps the political
> sensitivities Denseros is
> protecting are those of Holay?

That's a very nice idea. I don't know enough about the Holay/Kunar background myself to comment on probabilities, but as presented it looks better to me than other ideas so far.

The other thought that occurs to me is the actual person CHDP was written for, the guy who gave it to Argrath.

"My Lord Varnatol, Light of the Darkness and Keeper of the Folk of Durtarl, Vanquisher of the Man-Eaters, True Vassal of King Argrath."

Also mentioned on p116 (within CHDP) as a Grazer, one of the "woodhackers" who fought the elves at Dwernapple.

So what did the Grazers do during Fimbulwinter?

Jane Williams                                   

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