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Overtechnology of Glorantha Dwarves

#Mostali Constructs
$Sure We Have.

Dwarven Stoneships [Missing Lands]: Nida and Slon Decamony, along with Mostali of Jrustela Curustus Isle
Harajallenburg [Elder Secrets of Glorantha]: Moving Fort, Once Contacting Point with Vadeli Red Warriors?
Iron City Cross Bow (Center of Whirlpool) [Glorantha: Intro p.209]: Stop the Moving of Sky Firmament [Hero Wars Plot] Norkananti [Troll Pack: Uz Lore]: Marble Palace over Ice, Icebreaker Boat? Once attacked by Trolls in 2nd Age.
Zenith [Elder Secrets of Glorantha]: Geosynchronous [geostationary] Orbit? or Air Balloon?

$Half Broken? But our own.

Jaggurnaut? [Glorantha: Intro p.209, Elder Secrets of Glorantha] (Star and Mundane): Moving Wheel, Star Destroyer
Red Moon? [Too Many]: Lunars foolishly believe it is their spot of idolatous urge, but this is our construct. [Silver Mostali]

$Biochemical (Alchemical?) Constructions for defending Our Technology [Tin

Gobbler [Eating Enemy Technology]
Gremlin [Destroying Enemy Machines]
Jolanti [Mainly for Heavy Physical Work, revolt incited by Gonn Orta and
Aldryami in 1st Age]
Nilmerg [Mending Machine]

Nick Brooke said, "it is Meaningless to ask Technology Level of Gloranthan People, for it is conjuncted with magic inseparably, and magic is sometimes illogical, contradict to Western (Malkioni?) Sense of (Scientific?) Cosmology."

Argrath Dragonfriend in Gwandorling Saga told us practically about his friend Isidilian, "Yes, he has nuclear physics, phototelegraphy, microchip....."

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