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>I agree that she "only sleeps", but that was true in
>the Great Darkness, too. The question can be rephrased
>as "who put her to sleep?" rather than "who killed
>her?" if you prefer.

Isn't the point that she usually sleeps during winter - it's just the ritual heroquest of Orlanth wakening her in spring doesn't work because Orlanth is dead. So someone (? Kallyr) has to perform a more powerful and dangerous version which proves Orlanth wasn't dead but just absent - probably involves going looking for him on the God plane. I doubt it's the LBQ but more an Awakening of Ernalda quest.

So starting at Orlanth's stead with Ernalda sleeping, the stages would be something like this:

  1. Find out from his thanes where he went.
  2. Follow that route without getting lost.
  3. Track him from where he said he was going to where he is now.
  4. Help him deal with the enemies he is fighting (big Lunar opposition).
  5. Persuade him he needs to return to wake Ernalda.
  6. Do whatever Orlanth requires of them to let him do 5.
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