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Quoting Friends,

The rules mean exactly what they say.
A person is allowed to perform a HeroQuest only one time.

That said, some additonal information.

FIRST, you can't use Arkat, Harmast or Argrath as examples of how something works. All three were exceptional people who did exceptional things that broke the normal rules. That is why there are sagas about them and why they are world-busting heroes.

Now, if you go on a HQ then it sets your personal mythic pattern. If you do it again then the same thing will happen. You have already lost to your foes and won the others. You hvae already won or lost the treasure. That is that.

However, as is well known you can go along on a HQ in a subservient positon, as a major character, or as an individual at different times. So you can go along as a nameless and faceless follower in the army, later on as a leader of a warband and then later as Orlanth himself.

Also, there are different versions of various quests that have the same objecive, but different stories. So look at the quest where (Sorry to be vauge, but I have no resources with me here) so an dso wins and frees the Blue Woman from the water-stealing dragon, and the other one where Heler is liberated from the water-stealing dragon. Same myth or different? ONLY YOUR NARRATOR KNOWS FOR SURE. So the rule is that you can on a single quest only go once. And there are variations on the rules because there are variation of your position, and variations on what "a single myth" means.

BTW, Kallyr did the LBQ twice, once in full and once as a "practice myth" which does not occur in the God Plane, but in the mundane world.


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