[Glorantha]Repeating heroquests

From: Tero (Tassu) Pitkänen <tassuguy_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 13:35:36 +0300

Hello folks.

While reading with a great interest the topic about repeating heroquests, I have to ask a possibly dumb question.

>Greg wrote:
>Now, if you go on a HQ then it sets your personal mythic pattern. If you do
>again then the same thing will happen. You have already lost to your foes
>won the others. You hvae already won or lost the treasure. That is that.
>However, as is well known you can go along on a HQ in a subservient
>positon, as
>a major character, or as an individual at different times. So you can go
>as a nameless and faceless follower in the army, later on as a leader of a
>warband and then later as Orlanth himself.

Is there any difference when in going as a 'nameless' person and then repeating it later as an individual? Is the result still same? Maybe that`s already what god learners did at least, but is it so bad either... ;-)

Tero Pitkänen

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