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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 13:18:02 +0200

Kevin :

>Why is the sky blue?
>I mean, it is--we can see it clearly behind Jar-Eel and Gunda on the
>cover of the Dragon Pass gazetteer, among many other places. But the
>sky is the source of Fire, and most of the other Fire gods are yellow
>or red. Why is the sky so different from His sun? Is there a myth I've
>not seen, or forgotten?
There are several answers to the question, and several myths to explain it.

Even the Orlanthi have several conflicting myths, such as it's the blood of Aroka, or that it turned blue when Heler ruled the world, or that it's always been blue, or that it's the colour of the sky goddess' dress that Orlanth gave her, or that it's the colour of Orlanth's loyal Sky Wind, or whatever, et cetera et cetera.

The God Learner version is that the Sky was originally yellow and changed to blue when "Lorion" invaded it and/or when he was killed.

But maybe the sky as in whatever is above the Earth (ie not THE Sky) was already blue in the early Green Age and only became yellow during the late Green Age or Golden Age ?

Whatever : YGWV, but the Sky was yellow during the Golden Age, and if you heroquest there that's what you'll see. Usually.

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