[Glorantha]Why is the Sky blue?

From: Paul Chapman <estarriol_at_estarriol.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 21:43:37 +1000

Kevin posed the question:

"Why is the sky blue? ...the sky is the source of Fire, and most of the
other Fire gods are yellow
or red. Why is the sky so different from His sun? Is there a myth I've not seen, or forgotten?"

Answer: Because of all the water tribe gods killed there during the Gods War.

From 'Storm Tribe', p 214:-

"Engizi was a warlord of the Water Tribe who led the watery invasion of the
Sky in the Gods War. His great enemy was the Pole Star, whose Star Captains killed so many of Engizi's followers that the Sky turned blue from their blood. Engizi and his warriors returned to the Sky many times."

Presumably 'before' that event the Sky would have been Yellow.

That's the Heortling take on it anyway. I don't doubt other cultures have other myths about this.

Paul C

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