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Sky was originally a golden dome before Orlanth killed Yelm.

But after that, watery gods led by Heler, Lorian and Annila, who got power from Hidden Powers invaded Sky World, eternally contaminated Dayzatar's Realm. Sky color turned into Blue, and Dayzatar left from there.

Sky Gods [led by Polairs and Shargash?] one by one destroyed invading hordes and their remnants turning into galaxy.

[Godlearner Explanation from Wyrm's Footprint] TI

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> Why is the sky blue?=20
> I mean, it is--we can see it clearly behind Jar-Eel and Gunda on the
> cover of the Dragon Pass gazetteer, among many other places. But the
> sky is the source of Fire, and most of the other Fire gods are yellow
> or red. Why is the sky so different from His sun? Is there a myth I've
> not seen, or forgotten?=20
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