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>Does anyone know/has anyone invented anything about Seseine? She is
>mentioned in ToTRM8 as the Chaotic goddess of submission, classified
>as one of the deities of seduction.
>I'm looking for a nice subtle villain for my current game.

Well she isn't in "Gods and Goddesses of the Lunar Empire" (Enclosure 1).

Searching Google comes up with:

The Prosopedia on

Seseine [seh-SAY-nay]

Chaos pantheon -- goddess of temptation

An intense desire for some object, emotion, or state of being can lead a person to use evil or corrupt means. Such vile, overwhelming passion is incited by Seseine, who rules demons of desire, incubi, and similarly horrible creatures.

She is illustrated as a beautiful man or woman, seductively dressed and posed.

The online selections from The Book of Drastic Resolutions:

The final type of chaos is seduction. It is the most sophisticated form of chaos, for it seeks to spread chaos in the world by convincing us that chaos is, or can do, good. This rune is said to represent the juxtaposition of Light and Dark, and so of Good and Evil. It is of Naverian origin. Chaos deities that seek to seduce the world include Gbaji, Seseine, Krjalk (God of Treason), and Durghkal. The Orlanthi form of chaos called Lokmaydism is also associated with this rune. Most ignorant peoples include the Red Goddess and Lunar Empire in this list as well.   Few chaos creatures have their origin in this rune, perhaps because it was the last form of chaos to arise. Those known include succubi and lamiae. I draw no conclusion from the fact that both of these manifestations usually take a female form.

Google doesn't seem to find much more in English.

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