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Footnote for Mysticism Handbook
[Perhaps, non-Mysticism from the point of view of Game System and Greg, but this is still mysticism for practitioners believe in them as a way to reach ambiguous, vague and meaningless status of "Mysticism", call freely this "Misapplied Mysticism".....]


This treats only "Manifest" Mysticism. (For Orthodox Mystics are dead, and removed from play, as Beings of attaining Great Beings in Theism, Animism, Wizardry. But who wants to play Dead Characters in game? Playing Orthodox Mystic is similar to playing Dead Person....)

Very Optional and arbitrary warped rule system for HQ, it is only for mystics and condemning adherents of Three Distinct Magical System or so. Opposing HQ's rule preferential treatment for dogmatists and fundamentalists, I want to write some for Existentialists and modern philosophers....

[Greg now considers Absolute is a substance beyond the facade (entities of Three Magic Systems or Middle World, like Cosmic Dragon and High Gods, etc....) and you know still Great Gods or Great Spirits, (or Solace of Malkionism) is a way to reach Absolute for supplements succeeded from HW still contain them. (Removing from play by disintegrating into the Greater Existence), here I don't want to debate about the meaning of the term "Mysticism" (for certainly Greg might have changed and different opinion about it before HQ and after HQ), this unofficial rule intends to play people who only wants to reach Absolute, rejecting be deceived by Greater Entities or Devotion...

I might suggest that in this Glorantha, Absolute cannot be reached from concentrated to One Magic System....(so there is no Great Orlanth, Great Ernalda, and who attained to such status can still be destroyed or weakened for Gods World, Spirit World and Essence Plane can be altered by Very Strong Magical Ritual. ]

*What is wrong in HW 1st Edition Mysticism Rule?
1: No distinct difference among Physical, Spiritual, Mental abilities. And there is no need its balance and connection to Three World Systems.

2: Denying Community Support as a shackle of Garden. (If I can put it forcibly, HQ and HW rules are all for community support, thus meaningless denying the fundamental basin.)

(but there is still some remnants of Mystical "Secrets" that has Strike as Humakt's Death....)

3: Greg's Preference to Yogistic Point of View...yes, this is a matter of preference, and he might say that Purusha and Prakriti are distinct beings and no relation to each other....

Harrek: "I am my own God."

Arkat: "I must kill my Double to prove myself."

*Cosmic Paradox

There is cosmic Paradox which makes one's perception upside-down (and makes penalty into bonus actually in game term.) But Cosmic Paradox is should be always treated as a sort of "Misapplied" Power for humanity cannot do it properly, so always with penalty. But it can augment almost all magic, no matter it is Otherworldly, or innate. (But who wants to achieve absolute usually stay as Innate Magician, not slave of some kind of Otherworld entities.)

*Misapplied Worship

By channeling (usually, unintentionally) false way, their accumulate the Cosmic Paradox Perception. (In Rule Mechanic, they get Cosmic Paradox rate 7? by initiating such cult, and they can gradually increase it by chances of they meet "absurdity" of the cult and the world. Especially, he can attempt to each level of progression in the cult and to get "Secret" of the cult and can get vast increasement of CP. (Arkat belongs to Three World Systems, from Wizardry to Theism, finally, Animism.)

*Leaving from a cult (Theism, Animism, Wizardry)
"You didn't taste the sweetness of betrayal, by watching their face, paying for their foolishness!" ---A Priest of Krjalk

After I read Peter Metcalph's analysis for Illumination and Arkati in Four Scrolls of Revelation, maybe I should make this (ever unfinished) note for future use, of course far from completion.

I asked to myself to the power source which belongs to exceptional heroes (Argrath?), like Arkat, Harrek and other betrayers who succeeded to gain great power by the betrayal itself. (Greg said, they are exceptions and broke the rule, so thhey cannot be explained from rule....hurrah!)

By understanding Dualistic / Inconsistency of Glorantha by belonging various communities, renegades can attain unique perception of the World. (Like When Harrek decides to make himself own God by killing White Bear and wear its hide, or Arkat found himself reaching more understanding his psychic double.)

By burning losing abilities in the apostasy, (they can get minor progression even in Same Magical System moving from one Pantheon to Other.) More he can lose, he can get more CP, if he can survive the visits of Agents of Reprisal....

(For this reason, Kralori treats Agents of Reprisal are slaves which can be exploited as they wish, for they think each of religion is only a facade of True Draconic Way.)

*Leaving from a "Mystic" cult (that is sole way to play Mystic in
To abandon the Orthodox Mysticism, he should calculate his own disipline in this school and channel it into Mundane Skills and Power which can be turned into Longevity (for many Orthodox Schools need long year to achieve Liberation long after the reincarnation and cycles of World.) or keeping memory after reincarnation. Some schools encourage to leave school if the tutor thinks it is appropriate. (Or to realise the meaningless of Mortal World, perhaps he is sent to learn "Boring whim of Secular Life" rating. (Or as Oorsu Sara did, you can kill your Mentor, after all. Or as Saka Morn Sect of Sheng Seleris....)

<<Joerg's hypothesis that "Arkat" are actually not a personality but a band which represents different series of Otherworlds against the idea as Argrath the senile old man.-> See about Lunar Magicians and Eaglebrowns (attempting to combine the power of animism and theism in TofL&D.)

[I think that maybe Arkat got around this special problem by being a collection of seven individuals, each with their own cult secrets. Somehow, The Arkat was able to use all the secrets, and his band of followers worked as one man. In case of doubt, imagine The Arkat having won the HeroQuest challenge for the secrets every time.]>>

*Kralori Magic

[RW Tibetans practice Ecstatic Rites and Sacrifice to Mystical Entity as well as Veneration at the same time....Yes, it might not individual which commits all of Three World System, but a band which is good at combining Three World sources, but there is not enough official rule to combine them to overwhelm the band which concentrated on only one Magical System....see Eaglebrown in Masters of Luck and Death.]

Kralori knows this Cosmic Paradox as their own discipline and understands more than other groups of Glorantha by their Draconic Perception. (And its way of understanding of Paradox holds supremacy more than Lunar-Illumination or Vithelan Orthodox Mysticism.) They reject Lunar Mysticism as false way to name shapeless thing as solid, they think Lunars considered Mystical Absolute as something can be grasped by their poor theory. (as Mahayana Buddhists condemns Hinayana and Hindus. Read about schism among philosophies of Madhyamica, Yogacara (Eight-folded System of Soul), Sautrantika, Sarvastivada. ) and they reject Vithelan Mysticism as anti-social and illusionary.

Kralori believes they can properly channel the Three Otherworlds to make their mystical power distinctly different from Vithelans. (In this reason, among Kralori, Orthodox Mystics are considered selfish.)

*Draconic Magic

Sell Humanity (as Dragonewts)

*Innate Magic and Selfrock Teaching.

If you want to attain True Absolute by learning you are not a rock, you must abandon the Rock which is a part of Middle World, for this is same as Spirit Magic Fetish, Theistic Magic Sacrifice, Wizardry Grimoire and Talismans....it can be destroyed or lost for same reason of your confusing flesh status can be damaged.

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