Re: [Glorantha]Mystics - powerful and not

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 17:31:12 +0100

From: Mikko Rintasaari <>

>What is the take on mysticism these days? I don't necessarily need
>mechanics so much as a rough grip on how it works and how powerful it
>But I'm still at loss at the beginning and the end of mystic power. What
>are the limits of a godlike failed mystic. What are the powers of a
>regular one.

From a scale point of view, I see no reason why a powerful mystic would be any more or less powerful than a powerful theist, animist, etc.

>The image that has come to my mind are psionic powers, a modern
>take would be the Jedi-knight, I suppose. Mind over matter, or
>rather over reality.

This is all up in the air at the moment. My best guess right now would be to use the magic rules from another type of magic that seemed appropriate. After all, failed mystics have done exactly that - failed. Therefore why use special rules for them? They're nolonger realy mystics anymore (apparently). Only Orthodox mystics have a completely independent route to magic and transcendence anyway. All other mystics blend it with one of the other three forms of religion, such as the Lunars.

>Hero Wars seem to suggest that exerting this power is potentially
>very harmful to the mystic, especially if he/she fails in the attempt.

I'm not entirely happy with that, for reasons I've stated before on the Digest. I don't actualy see why using mystical powers is such a complete no-no. To me it's the way they're used that is important, not whether they're used or not. If they're used for 'selfish' reasons then the mystic risks straying from the path because using the powers strengthens their personal entanglements with the world. If they can use te powers in a selfless way, that's ok IMHO.

>Also mystics don't have an otherworld to draw power from, so they
>draw on their own resources.

Mystics don't see any meaningful distinction between the otherworlds and the middle world. To them, it's all realy just different parts of the world.

Simon Hibbs

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