[Glorantha]Star Wars "mysticism" in Glorantha

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:30:57 +0200

Mikko :

>are the limits of a godlike failed mystic. What are the powers of a
>regular one.
>The image that has come to my mind are psionic powers, a modern take would
>be the Jedi-knight, I suppose. Mind over matter, or rather over reality.

The Jedi in Star Wars are based on an Epicurian philosophy rather than on a mysticism per se, IMO, so I for one disagree with the analogy - with one important exception.

The Dark Side of the Force as a submission to Fear and as leading to a violent relationship with the world is the opposite of the mystic attitude ; so that a Jedi Master's renunciation of Fear (viz. Luke and Anakin in ROTJ) provides him with a certain form of low-level mysticism.

It's basically a Fear of the World that the Jedi Master transcends, giving him the power over physical reality that you suggest.

Real mysticism (tm), AFAIK, goes far, far beyond that relatively simple level.

>Hero Wars seem to suggest that exerting this power is potentially very
>harmful to the mystic, especially if he/she fails in the attempt.
Star Wars provides a fairly good basic model for this, actually.

>Also mystics don't have an otherworld to draw power from, so they draw on
>their own resources.
Mystics can use the otherworlds the same as anyone else does, actually. AFAIK Sorry, but I can't help you any further than that ; because there are actually several different forms of Gloranthan mysticism and "mysticism" and even anti-mysticism, most of which have yet to be clarified and detailed for gaming purposes. And there's a rumour going round that a real, honest-to-goodness mystic wouldn't be much good as a player character anyway ...

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