Re: [Glorantha]Mystics - powerful and not

From: Paul Andrew King <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:12:08 +0100

>Mystics don't see any meaningful distinction between the otherworlds
>and the middle world. To them, it's all realy just different parts
>of the world.

And that really seems to be it. Failed mystics or followers of mystically influenced religions can get around the restrictions on mixing magics - within a limited range (e.g. the Lunar Way, the Teshnos Pantheon).

The details seem to be still undecided - as currently written the rules on the Lunar Way only seem to offer a significant benefit to those who concentrate on Common Magic - although it wouldn't be much of a stretch to allow Lunar Devotees to retain Common Magic).

"The T'ang emperors were strong believers in the pills of 
immortality.  More emperors died of poisoning from ingesting minerals 
in the T'ang than in any other dynasty" - Eva Wong _The Shambhala 
Guide to Taoism_

Paul K.

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