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From: Mikko Rintasaari <rintasaa_at_mail.student.oulu.fi>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:50:00 +0300 (EEST)

I wondered:
:>Hero Wars seem to suggest that exerting this power is potentially
:>very harmful to the mystic, especially if he/she fails in the attempt.
Simon says:
:I'm not entirely happy with that, for reasons I've stated before
::on the Digest. I don't actualy see why using mystical powers
:is such a complete no-no. To me it's the way they're used that
:is important, not whether they're used or not. If they're used

:for 'selfish' reasons then the mystic risks straying from the
:path because using the powers strengthens their personal
:entanglements with the world. If they can use te powers in
:a selfless way, that's ok IMHO.

This is pretty much what I've been thinking as well. Unfortunately I can't claim to have a working understanding on the esoteric concepts of mysticism. Too much logic, classical philosophy and western metaphysics in my head.


Julian writes:
:It's basically a Fear of the World that the Jedi Master transcends,
:giving him the power over physical reality that you suggest.
:Real mysticism (tm), AFAIK, goes far, far beyond that relatively simple

Fascinating stuff Julian, but at the moment rought ideas of their skills and abilities would be more important than the philosofical and metaphysical truths. How do you see the jedi "mind over reality" disciplines in this. A useful analogy?

Me again:
:>Also mystics don't have an otherworld to draw power from, so they draw
:>on their own resources.
:Mystics can use the otherworlds the same as anyone else does, actually.
Hmm... I must have been unclear. Of course Sheng Seleris was obviously an extremely powerful heroquester that could bend myths to his will. So yes, a mystic interacts with the otherworlds, but the core of his power doesn't flow from a spesific otherworld. This must have an effect. Propably the mystic is more free from the confines of a specific myth, since he/she is not so reliant on external power.

:Sorry, but I can't help you any further than that ; because there are
:actually several different forms of Gloranthan mysticism and "mysticism"
:and even anti-mysticism, most of which have yet to be clarified and
:detailed for gaming purposes. And there's a rumour going round that a
:real, honest-to-goodness mystic wouldn't be much good as a player
:character anyway ...

In my Glornatha there is a mystic that was really close to final enlightenment. Then things went seriously wrong, he got prideful and angry (after a truedragon almost destroyed him) and now I have a fallen mystic of the highest order in the campaign. Fascinating, but tricky.

I don't need the deepest truths about mysticism. I just need to know roughly what this campaign shaping NPC can do. And yes, the Dark Jedi (or Sith lord, as they are known these days) has been an inspiration for his motivations. A tragic character, but just right for the hero wars.

There's also his young swordsman apprentice, that one of the player heroes is currently seeking. So I also need to know what kind of magic (and attitudes) this junior mystic has.


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