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> I don't actualy see why using mystical powers
> is such a complete no-no. To me it's the way they're used that
> is important, not whether they're used or not.

I think the reason would be that there can be no good reason for using them. Using them means one admits that the world has some sort of importance (IMO). I am still satisfied with my own game-rule contruct if anyone is "tempted by mysticism" (if such a thing is not paradoxical in itself), which is that the 'so-called' mystic has the option of calling on a limitless supply of pseudo-hero points to be used for Bumps, which is where the apparently nifty powers come from. These "HP on HP" then need to be disposed of by buying up flaws , buying down abilities (weakened through starvation, relationships reduced by becoming a hermit), and other narratively appropriate things. I suspect I would need to have some sort of inverse law about spending one to get one flaw, two to get +4 flaws etc to encourage both spending them quickly to avoid massive flaws, or hoarding them so that ones fall from grace can be spectacularly Sheng-like.


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