[Glorantha]Re: Mysticism

From: Nils Weinander <nils_at_weinander.org>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:35:38 +0200

My take:

Pure, "orthodox", mystics have no magic powers. They seek the mystic state, which is neither physical nor non-physical. The otherworlds, and magic, are of the non-physical, hence mysticism is entirely non-magical. Things happening around mystics that look like magic, like the Liberation Bolt emerging from Mashunasan's forehead to destroy Oorsu Sara, are the pyrotechnic side effects of a spectacular Complete Defeat.

Failed mystics, whether deliberatly failed (like Sheng) or not, have regular magic powers. I don't think separate rules are needed for these powers. They are as powerful as they need to be to make the game interesting. Some (like Sheng) are truly formidable.

Then there are the mystically influenced, semi-mystics or whatever, the Teshnan cults, martial artists etc. What these are and how they work is still unclear. For example, if and how they can progress to true mysticism. But, as these are the playable mystics, and supposedly rather common in the east, I suspect that we'll see rules for them eventually.

Nils Weinander
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