[Glorantha]Alda Chur Yanafal Tarnils Temple

From: Mark Galeotti <Mark_at_galeotti.fsbusiness.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 11:48:30 +0100

Hi Matt

> Looking at the Alda Chur drawing in Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder I am at
a loss as to which is the Yanafal Tarnils temple.

The main 7Ms temple, the Temple of the Moon Radiant, is the square-towered building 'below' and to one side of the main square rather than directly on it. An error of transcription? Or perhaps the reflection of nose-in-the-air cultural bias: after all, from the Yelmalio temple's elevation, the lower building between the two are no obstacle to the view 'across the square'.

The YT temple, which is separate (although there is a shrine to YT in the TotMR), occupies about a third of the military barracks block just inside the western gate (Originally 'Wind Gate', renamed for political reasons 'Sun Gate' but universally known as Hoplites' Gate both because it opens onto the Fields of the Tents of Silver and because Lunar troops generally guard it).

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