Re: [Glorantha] Torcs

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 12:18:34 +1000

I agree that torcs are usually the mark of a Heortling thane, and are traditional gifts par excellence for chiefs to distribute to worthy (warriors), along with horses, rich cloaks, swords and mirrors. They will be more common in war clans. I personally don't differentiate in the use of gold or silver. Torcs are handy and portable sources of wealth - a bit like the jewels on a Humakt's blade - you can always pry of a bit when you need something to trade.

IMG, wearing a torc is a bit like wearing a rune of power or an iron weapon. Its a sign of power and prestige, a boast and a bit of a challenge. You'd better have a good story as to why you deserved it. :)


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