[Glorantha]Re: Mysticism

From: Nils Weinander <nils_at_weinander.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:14:20 +0200

Simon Hibbs:

>>Pure, "orthodox", mystics have no magic powers. They seek
>>the mystic state, which is neither physical nor non-physical.
>>The otherworlds, and magic, are of the non-physical, hence
>>mysticism is entirely non-magical. 

> Logicaly then, mystics should be completely non-physical,
> which is a nonsense. Characters on the path to enlightenment
> are just as physical, and as magical as anyone else. They use
> their physical powers (walking, breathing, etc) all the time
> for the things that human beings naturaly do. Since (In
> Glorantha anyway) people are naturaly magical, they get to do
> the magical things that people naturaly do and I don't see
> what is wrong with that.

Of course the _mystics_ are physical and magical, but _mysticism_ is not.

> Actualy some mystic practices develop magic powers, others
> (mainly the martial arts schools) develop physical skills,
> most probably delvelop both.

And in both cases, the physical and magical stuff is non-mystic. If a practice gives you physical or magical power it is not mystic. BUT, as you write and as can be seen from the Teshnan cults, martial artists etc. you can (to some degree) practice physical/magical stuff and mysticism at the same time. However, the magic comes from the same places that common magic, theist magic, animist magic etc. does, _not_ from the mystic practice.

> Hmmm, IMO here's exactly why rules for mysticism are so hard to write ...
> The whole point about mysticism (in Glorantha anyway, and usually in RW
> too) is that it's defined by mystical insights, metaphysics, and
> philosophy, rather than skeptical rationality and/or game rules (as
> such) ...

Exactly, mysticism can only experienced directly, not described or made comprehensible by metaphor.

Nils Weinander
We sail on a ship made of dreams


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