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>Ok, but what on earth is the mysticism supposed to acheive?

The enlightenment of the mystic.

>And how is it reflected on the character. Obviously a true mystic is
>mostly collecting a single huge skill, of no immediate value.

Most likely, yes.

My possition is that the true goal of mysticism is not merely the enlightenment of the Self, because the Self is just as much an illusion as the world. The ultimate, ideal goal is universal enlightenment. This leads us to a dilema, because how can you enlighten others without engaging with the world? I also have a problem with the definition of 'Failed Mystic' because it seems to me that anyone not actualy enlightened yet is still to some extent engaged with the world and therefore 'failed'.

IMHO all the 'failed mystic' schools are best seen as training grounds for ordinary people, potential mystics, who aren't yet ready for the real-deal Orthodox path. Like Li MU Bai when their spiritual progression reaches an advanced enough level, they're ready to finaly renounce the world of temptation and pursue the path to enlightenment. Sure some fall off the rails completely, like Sheng, but IMHO most of the people Greg calls Failed Mystics are just Not Yet Succeeded Ones That Are Progressing Very Slowly.

Look at it another way. Just becaue you die before reaching Enlightenment doesn't mean it's the end of the road. Reincarnation means there's always the possibility of another chance. Failign in this life doesn't mean it's all over. That's why there's nothing wrong with worshiping the good gods, sure it's not going to get you to enlightenment, but you can still improve yourself and hope for a better chance in your next incarnation. Does that make you a Failed Mystic? Apparently so, and I'm not entirely happy about this use of the label because I think it's very misleading. Many of the Failed Mystical Practices are IMHO perfectly consistent with eventual enlightenment.

In Glorantha if you ever find yourself saying "This small bunch of guys over here have the real religious truth, and all those other guys are all just wrong" it's a sure sign you're making a mistake.

IMHO, and with respect.

Simon Hibbs

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