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From: Nils Weinander <nils_at_weinander.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:12:57 +0200

> Nils writes:
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> :mysticism at the same time. However, the magic comes
> :from the same places that common magic, theist magic,
> :animist magic etc. does, _not_ from the mystic practice.
> Ok, but what on earth is the mysticism supposed to acheive?

The mystical state, which is that which is neither physical nor non-physical.

> And how is it
> reflected on the character. Obviously a true mystic is mostly collecting a
> single huge skill, of no immediate value.

Probably. An ability which is used to overcome the resistance of reachinf the mystic state.

>I wonder if the original Hero
> Wars description of the "refute" ability holds any true clues?

My guess is that a pure mystic can use his mystic ability to resist just about anything. Greg wrote that the game rules will come eventually. If they turn out differently in this aspect, no big deal for me.

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