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From: simon_hibbs2 <simon.hibbs_at_marconi.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 11:12:59 -0000

Chris Lemens:

>3. No one would ever play a successful Mystic. 100%
>success in Mysticism takes the character out of play.
>The closest would be someone who attempts to become a
>Mystic, gets trapped by the power of his Mystical
>insights, and continues to try to transcend them. ("I
>will not use my Crushing Hand of Doom because my hand
>is just an illusion, as is my enemy.")

Sure, but reaching that realisation is the end point of the Mystic's path to enlightenment. A mystic that is on that path but hansn't reached the end point by definition is still engaged with the world of illusion and is still trying to muddle through it all. I just don't see why we can't play characters going through that process.

When they finaly reach the point when they achieve some level of enlightened conciousness and are ready to withdraw from the world fine, they leave play just like any character that realises a Great Secret of their religion, just as Li Mu Bai almost does in CTHD.

What is it about Glorantha that means you can't play 'maystical' kung fu types without knowing for a fact that your character is a deluded fool spouting meaningless drivel?

Simon Hibbs

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