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"You are not a Rock"

"Selfrock Teaching" p.108

What's the meaning of this phrase? I think this word firmly related to epistemology. And if I can strain it to Awareness to Self and Time....

*Buddhism Fourfolded Schism for Awareness.
Madhyamica: "Everything is Void"
Yogacara (Eight-folded System of Soul): Only there are "Mind". (I am not sure this translation is enough.)
Sautrantika: Only things can be proved are true. Sarvastivada: Things can be perceived are true.

Nagarjuna (Founder of Mahayana Buddhism) considered more upper is more better philosophy and considered inferior Theraveda and Hinduism Philosophy as lower level. And philosophers from him have insisted that Madhyamica teaching can be proved only by "reductio ad absurdum".

I don't know these words can be applied to the system of hinduism philosophy sects (including Yogists, AFAIK, Yoga Sutra hold some hints against the philosophy of Sautrantika, I think Raja Yoga insists some level of real existence of mind, but Mahayana rejects it in philosophical or religious level), but I don't know how Gloranthan Yogists debate against Tibetan Tantrists (much accustomed with influence from Indian Philosophy) and Mahayana Zen Buddhists (good at art of reductio ad absurdum.)

*History of Kralorela

Each Reigns of Emperors and Map Domains of Ancient Kralorela (Abzered, Kerendaruth, KraLor)

According to Greg's Map on Vithela file.....(somewhat confused is difference of Greg's Original Map (available for GTA members) in 1998 and Steve Lieb's computer graphic map.)

      Cycles Minor Events Kralorelan Rulers Godlearner Taxonomy
      Creation Cycle   Green Age
      High Gods Cycle  TarnGatHa Golden Age
      Gods Cycle  HeenMaroun Storm Age
     Shavaya, Sekever
      Demi Gods Cycle Happy Conquest Daruda, Thalurzni Great Darkness
      Atrocity War Mikaday, Vayobi, Sekever
      Austerity War (Grey Age?) Vayobi, Vashanti
      Human Cycle Dawn Age Yanoor Time
      Imperial Age ShangHsa
      Third Age Godunya, Sheng Seleris, Godunya

And Timeline along with Whole History of Vithelan Continent. http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/LandofVithela.htm

In Glorantha Book of Old Genertela Box, "the physical remnant of that Age [Philosophical Age before Mythic Age] can be evidently found in everything (Kralori), cannot be found in obvious manner (Malkioni), sometimes apparent, but sometimes not. (Lunar).

In Genertela Book, Kralorelan Empire has continued "Five million (5,000,000) Generations". If you let me repeat to apply foolishness of historians in King of Sartar (Sorry, Greg!) by converting generations to actual years, it might be 100,000,000 years (though there is no assurance people breeding in Mythic Era as in History). Comparing this to Revealed Mythologies p. 54, each of cycles are ten times ten ten times years (ten billion years), thus 10,000,000,000 years. (Before Sun, Death and Self-conscious....) If I force this to adjust former to latter, Mythic Age men lived more than 2,000 years....

But I suppose there is great difference between cosmology of Kralorela and that of Vithela. Quick thought, Kralorela is nearest area of Sortum in Vithela, it might be called Land of Hakka, (Doubt, Scientific Skepticism? See Peter Metcalph's Assumption that TarngatHa = Dogsaru) and my clear dualistic concept of Tibet and China......so, maybe it is plausible that some Kralori has quite otherworldly perception of Time before History (as Tibetans and Indians which don't care much about Historical Record), while other group has quite rigid concept of Time and History, good at record keeping by astrological and mechanical technology and art, as Real World Chinese Historians since Sima Qian.

*One Suggestion:

Timekeeping: Great Scholars
@Kuchawn: Accurate (Scientific Analysis?) Time Keeping, Historical.<BR> @Clock Tower Island of East: Non-chaotic Lunar? Perhaps destroyed by Dragon Awakening Shudder and Godunya, for contaminated by God Learners.<BR> @Goropheng: Alchemistic Perception to Time...?

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