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From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_free.fr>
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I guess that another big problem about mysticism is that people who understand it only have part of the puzzle, and are somewhat unlikely to agree with each other, except in broad terms, about "what" "it" "is". :-)

So, here's a couple of small disagreements with Greg :

> Nils writes:
>>:mysticism at the same time. However, the magic comes
>>:from the same places that common magic, theist magic,
>>:animist magic etc. does, _not_ from the mystic practice.
>>Ok, but what on earth is the mysticism supposed to acheive?
>Nothing that is measurable in game terms.
>Maybe this is the source of the problem? People think that mysticism has some
>sort of practical effect?
It can have one IMO, but not something that can usually be sought nor taught.

If you prefer, the mystic can himself, in some cases, become the practical effect (in other people's eyes) of the mysticism.

>>: ...mysticism can only experienced directly, not
>>:described or made comprehensible by metaphor.

Except when it can be. :-)

The ability to describe mysticism, and to make it comprehensible by metaphor, would be a bona fide "mystical ability" in HeroQuest terms.

There are no limits to the powers of mysticism, nothing that mysticism cannot do. A sentence beginning with "mysticism" or "mystics" and continuing with a negative statement is usually false, IMO.

>Here is how to imagine it and drive yourself crazy. I have written this before.
>Everything which people can know is in one of three categories.
>The physical, which includes all things that can be perceived with any of the
>senses. Seometimes called things with form.
>The non-physical, which includes all things that can be perceived without any of
>the phsyicl senses (courage, numbers, thoughts, dreams, etc.) Sometimes called
>things without form.
>The things which are neither physical nor non-physical.
>In Gloranthan terms, the mystical.

In the RW, this is actuallly just one form of mysticism among many.

In Glorantha, well yep, sure. :-)

>In Glorantha the people who have had this experience and try to express it and
>use it end up cloaking their expresion in terms of magic.

Except that Magic and Mysticism are not incompatible with each other, given that _nothing_ is incompatible with Mysticism.


Anyway, I *like* Greg's model, even if it is a compromise, because it means that actual game rules are a theoretic possibility. Otherwise, they'd be an impossibility.

Julian Lord

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