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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:05:25 -0400

Well I guess it is a matter of taste. I always prefered do-karal over jack-o-bear, aramite over tusk rider, uz over troll, aldryami over elf, durulz over duck...

I never liked the generic names. There are just too boring. I am mean I can play dwarves in a gazillion different games but only one has mostali. ----- Original Message -----
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> Mikko:
> >I'm surprised if people actually make the effort to learn the new names
> >the various critters in Anaxial's Roster
> >
> You'll hopefully have noted that in HeroQuest, we now use the 'standard'
> names for creatures by default - e.g. 'jack-o-bear', not 'do-karal'.
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