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From: John Hughes <>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 15:51:51 +1000

Jerome raises the subject of durulz deities, a topic that deserves serious consideration and resepectful consideration.

And I'm sure that one of these years *someone* will get around to treating it as such, perhaps even me. Until then, I can only direct you to my duck cultz and keywordz page at Questlines:

with the observation that the entire topic is entirely sewious. And twagic.

Here's a sample from the introducktion.

"Poveri PondFather and Canarda StweamMother are the leaders of the duck pantheon. When the Great Ice froze the Stream World, Poveri the Fisher King stole fire and sweet herbs from the hostile gods, bearing it to his people in the form of a sacred cigar. Canarda taught bullying and good nestkeeping, and so made the ducks what they are today.

The three eldest sons of Poveri and Canarda are the ancestral lords of death - dwead Hueymakt, Dueymakt and Loueymakt, the Death Dwakes. Hueymakt, who kept fighting even when he lost his arms and his legs; Dueymakt, the Boat Bandit, who can see a long way even though he has only one eye; and Loueymakt, the dwead Berserker Storm Bill, who runs to tell someone when Chaos is near. 'Eat, dwink, smoke, and guzzle down gwubs, for we choose the day that we die!'

Other gods born of the Cosmic Egg include Finoswam the Waider, Mallard Gor the MudSlinger, Babeakster Gor the Egg Avenger, Vinga Nestguard the Weed Pwotector ("Not 'weed', 'weed!"'), Mudhome the Nest Maker, Sogarsi the Stweam Voice, Swimmer In Shadows, the dancing shamanka, Ty Kora Quack, Mistwess of Secrets, and Ducka Fowl, Judge of the Quick, the Dead and the Dwead. Ducks also recognise Orlanth the Twickster, the cold wind who makes circles cwoss the pond, who once stole their wings but promised to one day return them.

The ancient enemy of ducks is the chaotic Quackodemon, who laid the Wed Egg in the Sky, the Wed Moon of the Lunar Empire. Dwead prophecies reveal that if the Red Egg ever hatches, it will release into the world Kwakboth, the Devil Weborn. And that could turn a bit nasty."

The Questlines page has keywords and descriptions for six major duck cults: Poveri PondFather, Canarda StweamMother, Hueymakt DeathDwake, Dwead Eye Dueymakt, Loueymakt Storm Bill, and zesty, nesty Vinga WedCwest.

Sad really. :)


> How do ducks represent their gods, Orlanth and Ernalda? What about
> Hueymakt, Lhankor Mhy, Issaries, etc?                              John Hughes

Argrath, Iron-quester,

   First among heroes,
Slew with the sword edge,

         the spear point, the spell.
Vanquished the Red Ones, brake we their life-wall, Hacked through the crescent ring,
hewed through the shield.


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