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Kralori Mythology: People without Mythology, or People of All Mythologies

Q: What do you mean on this title?

  1. This is according to my poor attempt to make uniqueness of Kralorelan Culture, and along with the trend of Gloranthan Eastern People in Mixed Three World Magics without risk of mentioning "Mysticism" in the limitation of core HQ rulebook. (See Teshnan Heroquest Voice: They call Essence Plane
    "World of Challenge", Spirit World "World of Desire", and Gods World "World
    of Play". And they don't think one is superior nor others are inferior. Perhaps such can be also applied to Kralorela. http://glorantha.kondalski.org/g9index/2597.html)
  2. But how it can be? In Glorantha, beings of Mythgology certainly exist in reality, perceived as true events subjectively in each cultures and communities.
  3. Sure, but please think about the objective reality, and limitation of each perceivers. (No, I don't want to make "Sobjectivity" debate again, but see my imperfect note on "Lies of Lunars" http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/LiesofLunars-e.htm) Ancient Chinese Confucians (under Orthodox Teaching), model of Kralori are agnostics, and ordinary people (as other nations and people) don't care much about the metaphysical facts of History and Cosmological Events. If such people listen to some kind of "Mythology" like that of RW Greek, Orlanth, or Yelmic Mythology, their reaction is two types, "So what? (Kahar's reply)" and
    "Think about it as an metaphor, this helps to understand our problem we face
    now." For they were pragmatists and didn't care much which doesn't directly relate to their concern and society.

But they either don't care much about the belief of oddballs, (like adventurers, dilettantes, or entertainers.), as RW ancient chinese people didn't care much about belief of buddhists, taoists, muslim as far as they pay tax properly and don't intend to cause riot or other destructive working on their system.....Their attitude is similar to Lunar attitude to classic religion.

Q: But I still think Eastern World of Glorantha is of Mysticism....

  1. Yes, but please read Kevin McDonald's recent post about "Buddha enlightens local gods and spirits" and Dalai Lama 14th's autobiography about their ecstatic practice of fortune-telling of a "spirit". And I suppose Kralori tolerates Mythology of neighbor lands like Vithelan, Teshnan, even of Praxians, Pentians and ANTIGOD people, etc....I think cosmopolitanism in Glorantha inevitably tolerates ambiguity of antagonizing local cultures which insist opposite claims, Ancient Chinese People have varied as Ancient Egyptian city states have each different cosmology and creation myth, but didn't make effort for unified mythology like that of Greeks. So as in RW China, I think in Kralorela, simple folklore and tales co-exist with highly-philosophical metaphors, and COSMIC PARADOX tolerates opposite things.
  2. What is COSMIC PARADOX? Does it similar to Lunar Illumination?
  3. Sort of. But this is more comprehensive, spiritual and sophisticated than it. (From POV of Kralori) Their core of belief is of course DRAGON. It includes In-hale and Ex-hale, three Otherworlds, Four Yes and No. (Mark Galeotti's idea), Five Elements and Six Ancestry. I got this idea from Mahayana Buddhism and Zen. A sort of idea that truth is obtainable only through paradox.
  4. Then, what is the current trend of flavour of Tantric Lamaism? I think it somehow contradicts to "Chinese" flavour of Kralorela.....and Chinese and Tibetans are long rivals in history and culture....
  5. (The tibetan flavour was induced by Alex Ferguson, I suppose. Ironically, RW modern Chinese insists that Tibet is always a part of China.....perhaps it is similar to Ireland and England.....bad comparison...?) Sure, but I think this is trend of post-Sheng Seleris period. Do you know Lamaism (Sect of Sakya) flourished in Mongolian Empire? Kralori has experienced change, but in their mindset, such is always a recurrence to "forgotten" past way of Old Good Days. I think Godunya defeated Sheng's lieutenants of Zolathi by learning their method, and found old way to channel its power. I think Kralori tantrists induce Sensual Images in Godunya's court, perhaps allying with eunuchs, and opposes mandarins who sought more traditional way of court (from POV of them) service like that of Vashanti. Current seclusion of Godunya to achieve final transformation is bad omen for mandarins......


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