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From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_cs.ucc.ie>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 19:37:52 +0100

I'm not sure which of Terra's personas to respond to, but here goes:

> Q: Then, what is the current trend of flavour of Tantric Lamaism? I think it
> somehow contradicts to "Chinese" flavour of Kralorela.....and Chinese and
> Tibetans are long rivals in history and culture....

I think this is a lot like arguing that Orlanthi culture is "contradictory" as it 'borrows' concepts and imagery from both Germanic and Celtic traditions (and others besides), which would be perhaps comparably broad. In any case, I'm certain that the numerically dominant practice in Kralorela is what one might call the Summer Land Heaven tradition, whose RW analogue is most often associated with a different RW nationality again... I'd consider all of the mahayanan traditions fair game for inspiration/looting, in religious terms, and amn't too hung up on any "cultural baggage they might have.  

> A: (The tibetan flavour was induced by Alex Ferguson, I suppose.

Not that I'm aware of, it wasn't.

> Sure, but I think this is trend of post-Sheng Seleris period.

I think myself it dates back at least to Thalurzni, which isn't to say that other "trends" haven't come (and to a greater or lesser extent) gone ever since.

> I think Godunya defeated Sheng's lieutenants of Zolathi by
> learning their method, and found old way to channel its power. I think
> Kralori tantrists induce Sensual Images in Godunya's court, perhaps allying
> with eunuchs, and opposes mandarins who sought more traditional way of court

> (from POV of them) service like that of Vashanti. Current seclusion of
> Godunya to achieve final transformation is bad omen for mandarins......

The descriptions I've read of the Zolathi don't make them seem especially or necessarily tantrist, and more to the point, they themselves are implied to be a development/perversion of _pre-existing_ Kralori practices (but were certainly appallingly innovative so far as Peloria was concerned), so are unlikely to be the origin of some radically unique school of thought in and of themselves.

I dunno what sort of "Sensual Image" you have in mind, but for me dragon mandalas are more likely than Kama Sutra.

I agree that the Vashanti tradition has a more "Confucian" flavour to it, and will certainly be strongly imbedded in the mandarin "class".


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