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> How long does it take to make a myth?

I don't think that in Glorantha it's a matter of time. It's a matter of power and of

> We know that various Lunar gods performed deeds in
> the Third Age,
> which can now be used as myths by their worshippers.
> And it appears
> that Sartar may be a similar case.

If a player in my campaign would ask such a question, I would answer that Lunar Gods myths "work" because they are related to the godswars, ie the heroplane, ie the prehistory.
The Lunar Gods (I think you talk about the seven mums or Etyries, not Nysalor or Natha) discovered or made links between their "acts" (=feats) and the feats of forgotten/killed divine entities which lived during the Godswar.

I don't think that even a god can make something like "make a new myth", because it would challenge the Compromise.  

> I think it's likely that other Third Age personages,
> like Retter the
> Stalker have "created" myths which can be used by
> their followers

I would say that they drew new paths to rediscover ancient feats or ancient myths.  

> The reason I'm concentrating on Third Age here is
> that it's a much
> shorter amount of time ago. Sartar is around 120
> years ago. That
> seems long enough that it's no longer considered

> history.

Sartar made things in this world: this is history (maybe legendary history, but definetly historical, not mythical acts). His acts in the Otherworld taught his followers how to rediscover/reinterpret/recollect long forgotten myths.  

> It may be that any myth from a historical era is a
> hero-myth, in that
> the myths remain those of Sartar, rather than
> blending into those of
> a god.

Heromyths are performed by mortals (ie heroes) _but_ in the godswar place/period/state.
Godsmyths are performed by gods in the godswar or beyond/before.
Usually heromyths are less powerful than godsmyths. So if you need a powerful myth (greater power) you should serach for or rediscover or appeal to a godsmyth.

> (If I needed to settle in a new land, would I
> use the myths of
> Orlanth taming Dragon Pass, or would it just be the
> myths of my
> ancestors, who moved up from Heortland?)

I do not follow you here anymore.
I hope someone followed me up to now...


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