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>The Lunar Gods (I think you talk about the seven mums
>or Etyries, not Nysalor or Natha) discovered or made
>links between their "acts" (=feats) and the feats of
>forgotten/killed divine entities which lived during
>the Godswar.
>I don't think that even a god can make something like
>"make a new myth", because it would challenge the

I agree that a God cannot "make a new myth". You could explain this as "being bound by the Compromise" or waffle about the impossibility of a being defined by myth changing his own myths.

However, a mortal can change myths - sometimes sufficiently to create a new myth. This is something that *every* mortal who has become a hero or god (that I am aware of) has done. Without these new myths, they are absorbed into the existing gods. This is the difference between the Orlanth Great Secret ("Become Air") and the formation of a Hero cult, which grants a unique feat or two.

Creating new myths involves heroquesting, challenging the established beliefs of everyone who cares about the older version of the myth, and thereby changing the timeless world of the Gods War. Since that exists outside time, in a sense you are "realising a new facet of myth that always existed". But from a cynical point of view, you are creating new myths through experimental heroquesting. In practice, there is no demonstratable difference between the two statements.

Looking at the Lunars, yes there is a tentative connection to nearly forgotten myths. Experimental heroquesting is a *lot* easier if you have some sort of guide. But the bottom line is that the current Lunar myths are as they are because this is what suited those heroquesters' needs. Their interference in moulding the myths is fairly obvious.


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