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Hello, Alex:

I now read some of Nagarjuna's teaching, and my schedule is too tighten up to make fruitful discussion with you, but let me try some brief words to explain my unofficial idea. Please wait my desperate effort complete to fruitation, or NOT.

> > Q: Then, what is the current trend of flavour of Tantric Lamaism? I
think it
> > somehow contradicts to "Chinese" flavour of Kralorela.....and Chinese
> > Tibetans are long rivals in history and culture....
> I think this is a lot like arguing that Orlanthi culture is
> "contradictory" as it 'borrows' concepts and imagery from both Germanic
> and Celtic traditions (and others besides), which would be perhaps
> comparably broad.

But both culture now die out and Christianity resides on their cultural corpse (so you can freely use these unknown sources). The more we put on RW resource on fantasy, the more we care the similarity and difference of comparisons. What I find in Tibet and China are too different to make into one (one is too otherworldly and spiritual, another is too secular and socially pragmatic), if Kralorela is too much culturally unified society, and if their culture(s) are varied and diverse, perhaps those can be independent, distinctly different. I agree many of Chinese are otherworldly (like some kind of taoists, buddhists, etc...) and Tibetans contemporary of Tang Empire is pragmatic nomads.....but this is beyond my scope at least for now and they are comparatively minority.

> > Sure, but I think this is trend of post-Sheng Seleris period.
> I think myself it dates back at least to Thalurzni, which isn't to say
> that other "trends" haven't come (and to a greater or lesser extent)
> gone ever since.

IMG, Kralori tantrists believe so, but mandarins might have another idea. Mythology is not what they experience if you are Wizardry People. I think it is same for majority of Kralorela. Some minority like devoted to one deity might know what occured to the past, but lay members don't have such ability.

> > I think Godunya defeated Sheng's lieutenants of Zolathi by
> > learning their method, and found old way to channel its power. I think
> > Kralori tantrists induce Sensual Images in Godunya's court, perhaps
> > with eunuchs, and opposes mandarins who sought more traditional way of
> > (from POV of them) service like that of Vashanti. Current seclusion of
> > Godunya to achieve final transformation is bad omen for mandarins......
> The descriptions I've read of the Zolathi don't make them seem
> especially or necessarily tantrist, and more to the point, they
> themselves are implied to be a development/perversion of _pre-existing_
> Kralori practices (but were certainly appallingly innovative so far as
> Peloria was concerned), so are unlikely to be the origin of some
> radically unique school of thought in and of themselves.

I think you don't understand my context of thought, "sensual" method is not amoral, and even if you are not Sigmund Freud, I think many of technics of "Tantrism" can be called sensual from point of view of neutral person because that is very primal human worldly desire that mystic must firstly overcome. Even if you don't agree Kundalini is some kind of phallic image like Shiva's linga, or copulation mandala of Vajrasattva like this..... http://www.padmasambhava.org/pbc/gallery/vajrasattva.php ) But I don't think any kind of secular, culturally puritanic people like Confucian Mandarin admit to worship such kind of indecent image, or Otherworldly Indifference to Worldly Matter.

That is why Geluq sect taught its Mother-Tantric Practice only on chosen high-priests which passed tests of all Paramita (Orthodox) lessons. http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/TantricKralorela-e.htm

> I dunno what sort of "Sensual Image" you have in mind, but for me dragon
> mandalas are more likely than Kama Sutra.

I had many effort to understand the various Tibetan Buddhism Methods. I think you can trust me at least in this level. About Kama Sutra, I don't know well about it except some says this is sort of kind of pornography, but that is rather cultural etiquette text without any religious flavor IIRC, I don't think there is any kind of reason you to mention it here now.

Now I want to make chronological table of my unofficial Kralorela in the sense of RW ancient Chinese, but indians, and all kind of "otherworldly" people seeks only personal liberation, don't have concern to Historical Events which should be recorded. "Another Entanglement" So I want to let them go away while they can disturb me.

If you have some interest on this topic, please check my unfinished note: http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/HistoryofKralorela-e.htm


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