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>I don't think that even a god can make something like
>"make a new myth", because it would challenge the

I'd argue that the actions of the Seven Mothers or Argrath became "new myths." While I'm sure they drew on ancient myths, they did new deeds.


>it could be worth looking at the
>various Humakti sub-cults, and finding out the dates
>of the various Humakti heroes they're based on. (An
>acute case of hero cults and sub-cults getting mixed!)

Makla Mann and Yan Starcere were Dawn Age heroes.

Li Phanquann is Imperial Age.

Hiia Swordsman and Indrodar Greydog are Third Age.

"There is very little to distinguish Humakt's subcults from his hero cults" -- indeed, many of these heroes teach affinities. Which certainly suggests that they have myths that can provide magic.


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