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From: Ingo Tschinke <Tradetalk_at_t-online.de>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:35:43 +0200

Hi friends of Glorantha

here is the no. 5 of the Pavis & Big Rubble Compandium from Ian Thomson.

The Price will be 12 Euro - orders can be made at www.Tradetalk.de now, as well as for Black Seal # 3 which is also on the order site now.

Pavis & Big Rubble Companion: Vol. 5:
"Beyond Pavis: Adventures along the Zola Fel"

Pavis County: Large article with Gazeteer, Culture, Keywords - by Jeff Richard, Dave Bell, Ian Thomson, John Hughes, and Roderick Robertson Indagos Town: Sergio Mascarenhas and Ian Thomson The Lightbringer Merchants of Pavis County: Ian Thomson Pavis County Hero Bands: Mike Dawson, Bo Rosen, and Ian Thomson Uleria in Pavis and Pavis County: Ian Thomson and Julian Lord Holiday Glorantha: Horn Gate: Vincent Jurgie and Ian Thomson Life on the Borderlands: Large piece with Hero Wars conversion notes and new scenario material for the Borderlands pack Raus Town - Ian Thomson and Paul Sommer
Morocanth of the Zola Fel by James Holden and Daniel Fahey Newtlings of the Zola Fel: Ian Thomson
Elves of the Garden (background and scenario ideas) - Ian Thomson with Bo Rosen


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