[Glorantha]Trollball League 834ST.

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Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 08:31:48 EDT

Welcome, darksports fans, to the latest news from Shadows Dance. Great Mother Netanjag* is calling for teams** to enter the 834 league. Teams must register by providing a brief (100word) description of themselves. While no one expects any sane humans to participate in the league, there is intense interest in the City of Pavis where fortunes are being wagered on the results. Experienced pundits, if there were any, would know that Trollball teams can be judged by their professional or amateur status, their equipment, the ferocity of their fans, their dayclub behaviour and trolldrinkisms, their favoured pitch conditions, unusual tactics or specialities, their sponsor and sometimes even by their chants and rituals songs.
Garang Crispwalker (uzsports pundit, Match of the Night) I am looking for about 10 teams (but could be more) to participate in a play-by-email Trollball League game, set in the Imperial Age, where intense interest and rumours of a powerful treasure brought troll teams from across the lozenge to compete. Interested Hooman punters in the New City within the Walls of Paragua made a unique contribution by chronicling events as a result of a bizarre gambling craze.
I intend to run the game properly from Late June, with weekly turns, but plenty of potential for additional side events, and will be using a Yahoogroup for most things. If you're an interested male troll, Karrg's Son, or Death Lord, please do not hesitate to send your team description (100words) to _Lordlabrygon_at_aol.com_ (mailto:Lordlabrygon_at_aol.com)

**you, players.

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